Knowledge Bowl Team is Buzzing with Anticipation

The Knowledge Bowl team kicks off the 2017-2018 school year by preparing for Matchwits, a game show based in Colorado.

Knowledge Bowl practices every Friday afternoon and Wednesday morning. But lately, the heat has been on as the team fights for the top five spots- and a chance to appear on Matchwits.

Matchwits is a trivia game show that is featured on Rocky Mountain PBS. Every year, teams compete in a tournament for first place, as well as the bragging rights that come with it.

With Matchwits coming up, the Knowledge Bowl team was already excited. But now, with the top five spots finalized, the team is even more so.

The spots are held by Daniel Smith, a Junior; Reese Clark, a Senior; Wyatt Halley, a Junior; Bret Johnson, a Junior; and Rebekah Jeffery, a Freshman. These people in the top five will be the ones on the Weld Central Matchwits team.

The Matchwits team will take an online test this weekend that will determine whether or not they will appear on television.

The Knowledge Bowl team is coached by Zachary Levine, who has been coaching it since his first year here, a total of seven years. He says he likes coaching Knowledge Bowl because he “gets to learn a lot of things,” and because “it’s super fun.”

Levine says he thinks that we will make it to the TV portion of Matchwits because “last year we were really, really close,” and “our strategy is changing, and we now know we can go backwards, so we’re going to answer all the questions we know first and then go back and get the ones we don’t know.”

Levine says some of the team’s advantage is having a “diverse knowledge base,” and has “a little bit of everything, so that makes us a really good team.”

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