Hurricane Harvey

                        Hurricane Harvey lasted from Aug. 25, 2017 to Sept. 3, 2017, travelling along the Gulf Coast and hitting the southern U.S. and the Caribbean Islands. Hurricane Harvey was the first hurricane in 12 years to be Category 3, and also ended the twelve year period where no hurricanes hit land in the states. As of Sept. 14, there were 82 reported fatalities; the total amount won’t be confirmed for weeks or months to come. The total amount of damage was worth at least 71 billion dollars. The highest amount of rainfall was in Cedar Bayou- near Highlands in Texas- with the total amount of 52 inches. The lowest amount of rainfall was in Plane, Kentucky with a total of 6 inches of rain. The area with the top wind gusts was Port Aransas, Texas with a top speed of 132 MPH, while the lowest wind gusts were at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport at top speeds of 52 MPH. The repairs won’t be done for months to come, but the people will thrive and surpass this tragic event.

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