Is the Softball Team Underappreciated?

    The crack of the bat and the cheers of the crowd…were kind of anticlimactic. Softball season is in full swing, but the sport remains without a large audience. The Rebels’ softball team has a long track record of successes, including state last year. Many of the girls who participate in softball believe they deserve more support and appreciation.

    The varsity team has won all five of their games so far. With a perfect winning streak, it is understandable why the team feels deserving of more acknowledgment. Ashley Imel, a first base player on the J.V. team shares this belief. She says that the whole team is, “Very dedicated,” and, “One of the best sports [teams] to come out of this school.” However, the other sports of Weld Central often get copious recognition.

    There are multiple variables that could create this contrast. Perhaps the reason softball is less appreciated is that their field didn’t have lights until recently and wasn’t able to play games late in the evening like football could. The softball field recently got new lights, which Imel says makes the team feel more appreciated, “To a point.”Now that the softball field at Weld Central has lights, it might become more popular in the community.

    Another aspect of the problem that must be taken into mind is that softball is simply not as prominent as other sports, such as football. Football is considered “America’s sport.” This is indicative of how loved football is, and other sports may be permanently stuck in the shadow of this American classic.

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