Who He Is: Coach Canaday

Coach Canaday Interview

When students pull into the parking lot every day, it is impossible to miss the prominent football field. It becomes even more beautiful when one notices the red, white, and blue Rebel flags adorning every spare spot on the metal fence surrounding it. These flags appear only for the Varsity home games. Excitement runs rampant among the student body on these days, fueled by the all-day sight of red and gray jerseys worn by every football member that will be playing that evening. However, one of the most excited people on those days is not a student, nor technically a part of the football team. No, this person is well known throughout the school, renowned for his tendency to push his team to their full potential. Meet Coach Canaday!

Not only is Canaday the coach of the Varsity Football team, he also coaches the Varsity Girl’s Basketball team, and helps coach Track. During the school day, he also teaches several P.E./Health classes. As busy as he sounds, Canaday’s been even busier in the past, acclimating experience from many different places. He has taught AP U.S. History, regular U.S. History, World History, Foundations of Social Sciences, Government and Economics. Some would argue that all the practice has greatly contributed to his ability to connect with almost every student he comes across. This ability has been invaluable, especially during last fall.

Football had an amazing season last year, remaining undefeated until their first game at playoffs when they lost to Kent Denver and their final score of the season came out to 8-1. The chemistry from the talented players and a wise coach gave them quite the reputation in Colorado, even after their loss. Now that Football has returned to Weld Central this fall, many players have returned, taking the new athletes under their wing. The football team won their first game of this season in a landslide victory of 35-0 as well as their next home game. These victories give hope that they can excel this year. Coach Canaday has high expectations for this team, as they’ve received new players who may prove that they are even more talented than people think. Much of the school also believes that perhaps this year will yield even better results than the last, with a coach like this being the driving force of the team.

Much of the reasoning behind the belief that this year is different from all the others includes school spirit. Canaday himself declares that “Morale is high” and school spirit is up, according to teachers that have told him that Weld Central hasn’t always been this supportive of their school. Not only are the students more encouraging, the community is behind us, “100%” Canaday believes. When just one person becomes enthusiastic about what’s going on in the school, that enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, and every student here at Weld Central can testify to that statement. But, how, with these high standards, can this school be changed to be even better?

One of the keys to improvement in WCHS could be more participation. Even though many students are already involved in clubs, sports, and activities, still others just talk about how awesome these extracurriculars are without actually taking part in them. Coach Canaday believes that every student should participate in something, anything as long as it’s extracurricular. He explains that his reasoning behind his statement is that you only get “one shot” to play sports or have a role in activities in high school. This opportunity is something that some students around the globe don’t have, so take advantage of it while you can.

While activities outside of the regular school day are very enjoyable, many of us may think that with all the misery we cause our authorities, their jobs must not be as pleasant. However, Canaday presents a very interesting viewpoint that made this author proud to be a part of this school. He proclaimed that his “students make my job not a job.” With everything that Coach Canaday does for our community, one would think that he would be tired of what he does. But even with how hard he works for the football team and Weld Central, he still finds the strength to tell us that we make his job a pleasure, and that, my friends, is everything that one could hope to find in someone who helps raise us. Thank you, Coach, for all that you do for us. We promise it does not go unnoticed.

Photograph taken by Amanda Bellis

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