Traffic in the Halls

Traffic in the Hall

Beep! Beep! Move it! High Schoolers always seem to complain, but at the same time are the reason for the traffic in the halls. Every morning and after every hour, pushing and shoving are the only ways to get where you want to go. This happens all the time. The madness needs to end.

People have other locations they need to attend. Most students have to get to class, and when their classes are far away, the traffic in the halls and commons area becomes much more of an issue. Along with going to class, others have to be early because they may need to talk to teachers before class. Stopping in the middle of the commons to talk is just not working for those in a rush. Some upperclassmen blame it all on freshies, but everyone is involved with this madness. If we continue stopping or walking too slow then everyone might go crazy.

A resolution to the problem is simple. If you decide to stop to chat with your friends just simply move to the side so that you are out of people’s way. This would definitely help with most of the insane traffic problems in the commons area. Another solution to our problem is when you are walking down the halls or turn into a hall, always stay on the right side. These will most definitely help with the difficulty of getting around during our short passing time.

So if you want a smoother, and faster pace to class, make sure to follow these resolutions and the traffic in the halls will be forever solved. And if not, we may just need to carry around horns! Beep! Beep!


Edited by: HT (copy-editor assistant)

Edited by: Bronwyn Kalcevic

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