Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The Weld Central mascot has been a topic of much discussion in the past few weeks- specifically, whether or not the Rebel should be replaced. Many people say that our Rebel mascot represents pride and courage while some others say that it is a symbol of racism. “I don’t really mind or care about the mascot,” some students say.

At one point, the mascot had a confederate flag that was removed a few years ago..In an interview printed in the “Greeley Tribune,” Weld Central superintendent Greg Rabenhorst said, “The district’s position is their rebel isn’t a sign of racism, hate or violence, but one of school pride.”

As of August 26, 2017, a petition to remove the mascot, “Change Weld Central High School’s mascot” had only has 29 supporters while a petition to keep it, “Keep the mascot as the Rebels,” had 1,147 votes.

The argument is that the mascot itself is not racist because the uniform the soldier  is wearing is one of the Union army; the Confederate soldiers’ uniforms in the Civil War were grey with red, while the Union soldiers wore blue uniforms.



The reason that the Rebel mascot has become such a recent  controversy is due to the white supremacist rallies happening around the country, and many Americans requesting the removal of old confederate monuments that support them.

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