TSA Ready for a New Year

As the students of Weld Central move forward into the 2017-2018 school year, it becomes easier to get caught up in the excitement of Football, Softball, and Boys’ Soccer, while letting the lesser-known competitive sports fade into the background. Although this is a common theme, some of these sports beg to be recognized, and amid the thick fog, one, in particular, stood out: A small club by the name of TSA. TSA, an acronym for Technology Student Association, is a highly demanding club run by advisor (and math teacher) Mr. Levine. Even though it is based in an unassuming classroom in the 200 Hall, just past the door one can discover the “magic” described by Junior Alex Oviatt, a member of TSA.

Every year, TSA designs a single video game, pouring hundreds of hours in perfecting computer programming and pages of code. Last year, it all paid off when their game, Omicron Trail, took them to State where they won first place in Video Game Design. As a result of this triumph, TSA was able to go to Nationals in Orlando, Florida this past June. This was an enormous success for TSA since they had never reached this far before. Now, only two months later, previous members are returning in hopes for a greater push of everything they accomplished last year.

According to Mr. Levine, four students have officially committed so far, but at least fourteen members are expected, not including incoming freshmen. Among the members are Bret Johnson, Alex Oviatt, Daniel Smith, Kallen Ford, Nathan Sharp, Wyatt Halley, Evan Murrah, Joe Hale, Hunter McDaniel, Savannah Peasley, Chase Huck, Joel Bauer, and Adam Guenther. Reminiscing about last year’s members, and hoping for the best with the incoming members, Mr. Levine stated, “It’s amazing to work with such an amazing and talented group of students.”

TSA has had a large growth of prosperity over the past few years, and hopefully this year they can continue and hold a ranking in Nationals.

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