Southeast Weld County Fair

On August 10, 2017 seventy-five plus kids showed up at the Southeast Weld County Fair to show off their 4-H/FFA projects that they have been working hard on all summer. Preparing a show animal for a show of any type is a lot of work. Each species of animal is different and requires  a different amount of commitment. With that each judge expects different things out of each animal along with the contestant. The largest species at the SEWC Fair is the pigs. There are over a hundred pigs at this small town show. Just like any other animal pigs are a lot of work. Showing pigs have to maintain a weight between 225-285 pounds. Usually they start the summer off anywhere between 50-75 pounds. If the pig doesn’t make the 225 weight or is over 285 pounds, they are not able to ?sale at the fairs livestock sale and have to be shown under the “underweight” or “overweight” class. However, if your pig is between that weight you are able to show them in the weight class your pig is put in. Depending on how you do in your class determines whether you get to sell in the livestock sale.

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