Musically Bringing Minds to Health

photography by: Wendy Mesa

     Whoever said music was just for entertainment was very wrong. It’s more than just the lyrics or the beat that you hear. It’s a hobby, it’s an escape, but most importantly, it’s a form of therapy. How you ask? Well, music has many different emotions: happy, mad, sad, and the list continues. In some odd way, it has the ability to generate these feelings in you. I know what you’re thinking this can’t be right, but according to a music therapist, Jennifer Buchanan, music can help children with autism and even simple office workers who want to relieve stress. Buchanan says, “Music quickly taps into our rewards center in the brain that will release hormones into our system like dopamine, which will help us feel good, and oxytocin, which will help us trust people and help us sleep.” So in simpler terms, it’s all about the tunes. Next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed or just need a break, turn on your radio and tap your foot to some good music. Let it work its magic!


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