Title: Annabelle : Creation

Movie Type : Mystery / Thriller

Category : Movie

Sub-Category : Horror Movie

Overall Rating : 3.6 Stars

“ Annabelle keeps you at the edge of your seat,“ said Joseline Ugalde, “it was horrifying.”

Annabelle is on a different level, and unbelievable. Annabelle 2, is a terrific continuing to the Conjuring. It is an excellent movie to go see on a Friday night with a group of friends. The movie starts off a bit slow and does not have as much of an eye popping beginning , but has a good climax and ends well, without a predictable ending. Annabelle is based on “The Conjuring”  and how the doll is curse, but in Annabelle 2 they give a backstory on how the doll becomes possessed by what the family at the time thought was their daughter. There will for sure be a second upcoming of Annabelle and move on to the next story and the hauntings of this doll.

“The movie is not a bad movie overall, so just give it a shot and go watch it!” –  Wyatt Thyfault

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