Take Me Out to La Junta

The varsity baseball team traveled to La Junta to compete in a regional tournament this last weekend. La Junta, Jefferson Academy, Weld Central, and Gunnison all competed in this tournament.


Jimmy LaConte 

The Rebels were ranked 103rd in the state. They played Gunnison and La Junta. Gunnison’s regular season record was 14-6, and was ranked 91st in the state. The Rebels played extremely well behind the arm of Jimmy LaConte, and demolished Gunnison 7-1, whom they lost to 11-1 on March 25th in the regular season. They moved onto the championship game and played La Junta, who shut out Jefferson Academy 4-0 in the semi-final game.

La Junta was ranked 33rd in the state, and first overall in 3A. La Junta scored first with two runs in the fourth inning. In the next inning, the Rebels retaliated and scored one run. In the 6th inning, the Rebels had runners on base, with Jimmy LaConte up to bat. Things were looking grim for La Junta, but they managed to squeeze by with a win after LaConte grounded out with a double play. The Rebels fought hard, but barely lost  2-1.

Even with this loss, the Rebels had continued further in postseason games than last season. “We play better as a team, but we’ve learned that we have to play any game,” Marc Barry said, “Or else we could lose to anyone else in the state.

Featured Image: by s35w8t9 [public domain] via Pixabay

“Jimmy LaConte”: Photographer Marc Berry

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