Cheer Team Tryouts

At Weld Central, the beginning of May means that the cheer team holds tryouts. The tryouts have clinics where the people that can learn a routine and learn certain skills that would be needed to join the team.

20170501_091113Many people have tried out for the teams over the years; everyone is very friendly and tries to help each other as much as possible during the clinics. In order to pass tryouts for the team you need 3 teacher evaluation sheets, a good attitude and determination.  Cheer leading has been around for a long time: it officially became a sport in 1898. In the sport, you have to be able to do a large amount of tumbling and have a upper body strength. In cheer, your team is responsible for the safety of the flyer (the person on the air). The routines have to be timed so everything runs smoothly during a performance. There are many positions in cheer. There is a flyer, a base, a backspot, and plenty more. They are all needed to be able to make a successful stunt. If the cheer team is able to impress judges, they can move onto leagues and if they have a good placing in leagues, they can go to state. But no matter what they place, they are still entertaining the crowd and helping cheer on all the teams at Weld Central.

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