What Comes Next For WCHS?

By Lance Post

We passed the mill levy and talked about the changes, but what will be changing next year for students and staff? A lot is happening inside and outside of the Weld Central building.

Let’s start on the outside of the school. Only a few things will be changing, the first one is long overdue and that is the parking lot. The lot will finally be repaved, with new spot lines being painted.  For everyone that will be driving to school next year, you can park in a spot, and not all over the place making your own. Along with the new parking lot being smoother and more enjoyable, another thing that will be put in place is lights on the soccer and baseball fields. That will be really nice for those sports to be able to see better at night and dusk practices and games. Mr. Kennedy was in the talk about bringing back cross country, since we had to cut it last year due to the budget cut, which is exciting news for our runners!  

Now for the inside of the school. Along with changes in the classrooms, student life will improve as well. In August to December next year, hopefully every student will have their own laptop. The school will also start a new education system called STEM.  STEM, or “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” is a program for the school that will improve these fields of study.  Mr. Kennedy also spoke of upgrading the school’s security, although there is no additional information about the upgrades.

A few teachers will be leaving us next year. Mr. Case, Mr. Hall, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Lotspeich, and Ms. Mutter will be leaving us. No need to worry, because we have some strong teachers coming in and spreading their teaching methods, knowledge, and wisdom.
Since the Mill Levy has passed, this will give the school a chance to upgrade and fix what needs to be fixed to expand and grow our school. Even though the seniors are leaving and won’t get to experience the new changes to Weld Central High School, the school will continue to grow and experience the changes that will come.

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