Honoring Mrs. Macuca

By Enrique Millan

LULAC recently held a big dinner in honor of Mrs. Machuca. She has been very tough with everything she has been going through in her life right now. She has been battling cancer, but is very strong and continues to fight. She is very strong and comes to school whenever she can, but with all the support from students and staff, everyone battles with her. The dinner was a great way to keep showing the support and with many bouquets of flowers, delicious food, and the support of the community.

The dinner was April 27th, in the school cafeteria. The food that was served was fruit salads, enchiladas, spaghetti and lots of pastries. Member Lesli Calderon said, ”The dinner was a success, it was great to see everyone come out to support Mrs.Machuca.” Member Noelia Espino explained, “ It was so nice seeing just how many people love and care about her. She truly touched so many lives.”

Mrs. Machuca’s thoughts were, “It was very well and amazing that former students from way back then came and attended it. And many many students came, and I’m very grateful to the sponsors of Lulac to take the time for everything they did.” This event was very powerful. All and all it came out as a success and everyone wishes Mrs. Machuca the best.

Photographer: Elizabeth Olivas

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