Icy Determination in The NHL Playoffs

By Heather Tweedy

Hockey is an intense sport during the regular season, but, as Matt Niskanen’s brutal cross-check of Sidney Crosby shows, the playoffs are a different beast altogether. Only the most elite of professionals can make an impact here, pitting experienced players like Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, against rising stars like Oilers captain Connor McDavid. The NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs started in early April with 16 teams, but now only four remain.

One of the most exciting series in the second round was the Senators and the Rangers. After winning the first two games, one of them in double overtime, the Senators quickly dropped the next two to the Rangers. Oscar Lindberg, a center for the Rangers, scored twice in the third game of the series. “It’s all about getting tough on their defense,” he said. The Rangers would go on to win that game 4-1, in front of a hometown crowd at Madison Square Garden.

However, the Senators would not be counted out. Senators captain Erik Karlsson recorded four assists in the last two games of the series, despite having only one assist for the previous four. Veteran Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist tried his best, but a key Game Six goal from Karlsson sealed the deal for the Senators, who won the series four games to two. The Senators have never won a Stanley Cup, and may get the chance to face the Anaheim Ducks, the team they lost to in their only championship appearance. If they win this, they have good standing to take home that elusive Stanley Cup in the NHL Championship.

Featured Image: by David [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr

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