Driving For Bus Changes

By Haylee Christner and Estefany Mendoza

Transportation is a big aspect here at Weld Central High School. Many students drive, but for others, the bus is their only way to and from school. However a new installment to these busses is in the works. Aboard the bus, you have to show a school identification card. Scanning the card puts you into the system, to monitor who is on the bus and improve safety. According to bus driver Rachael Dechant, our parents will even be allowed to track us eventually, to make sure we get to and from school safely. “Once the ID is scanned, it loads you into the system where your parents can log on and see where you’re at.’’ It also helps the transportation department organize routes for next year.
Even though students might not like the idea of it, it’ll be helpful. This can help drivers maintain organization, and it helps students to not push when getting onto the bus. The main struggle however, is if students forget their ID card. If they forget it, the driver has to write their name and grade down. It’s a hassle for them. One trick we’ve found out is if you take a picture of the bar code on your ID, you can scan that as well as the physical card. That will help the kids out who can be forgetful to get the benefits of this new system.  

Featured Image: Globelink [Public Domain] via Pixabay

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