Weld Central’s School Survival Guide: Freshman Edition

By Haylee Christner and Estefany Mendoza

Freshman year of high school, as many of us know and remember, can be a very scary experience. You’re getting older, the things you do in school matter now, and there’s a bit more stress put upon you. But have no fear, upperclassmen are here to try to help you out with a little bit of advice!

Junior Elizabeth Rodriguez stated “high school will have some of the best and worst memories of their entire life. Things go wrong, grades go quickly in, you meet new people, but you need all that in order to make this an actual high school experience. Make sure you stay focused, but just remember life is short, so do what makes you happy!”

Junior Andrea Martinez also had a small token of helpful advice. “Be as active in any activities to meet new people and try new things, as well as keeping up with their academics.”

Senior Aline Sanchez felt passionate about this subject, as she stated “Being in high school is another level of responsibility. If you thought you were on your own in middle school, you’re way more independent in high school, and you’re more accountable for your grades and assessments. Even though it involves maturity and responsibility, it still is an exciting new experience for everyone. You get to meet much [sic] more people that are older than you, and possibly even make friends with upper classmates. It’s also a bigger sized school, and fun to be around the first couple of weeks of school because you get to use the hack of getting confused or lost on your way to class… attendance wise, they’re more lenient with you since you are a freshman. But besides that, it’s like they say, a new year to a new start, and that’s what really matters. You’re a step closer to building up your own life someday!”

Lastly, senior Jasmine Cisneros advised freshman “not to procrastinate, and not to fail classes, because it does get you behind on your credits.”

High school might seem like a drag, but if you work hard, they can be some of the best years of your life. As a freshman, just trust your upper classmates, and listen to their advice. After all, they were a freshman once too.

Photographer: Rodrigo Alvarado

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