Get Around This Summer Vacation

By Enrique Millan

As school is coming to an end, summer vacation is coming up. With summer vacation comes plans of traveling. The top two places people at Weld Central are heading to this summer are Cancun and California.

Cancun is located at the Yucatan Peninsula, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is known for its numerous resorts, beaches, and nightlife. Because of this, it is a common destination place for spring break. Some activities in Cancun are Xel Ha- Park, Coba, and Xcaret Park. Xel-Ha Park is an aquatic theme park. At this park you get to practice snorkeling, giving participants the chance to see hundreds of colorful fish, and an aquatic zip-line. Coba is an ancient Mayan City that is situated by four natural lakes, which are believed to have given the city it’s name, which means “Water stirred by wind.” Coba is situated in the jungle, and all along the paths are mounds overgrown with vines, trees, and flowers. This makes tours interesting, because you don’t know what you will find. At Xcaret Park, you get to enjoy an entire day with more than 50 natural and cultural attractions. You also get to go through fantastic adventures by air, land, and water; activities that will challenge your mind. That is only three of the wonderful things that you can do at Cancun, but there is still so much more!

California is another popular place to travel for vacation. The top three places to visit are San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and Los Angeles. In San Francisco, the number one attraction is the Golden State Bridge. But other than that, you can visit Lombard Street, which is famous for its tight curves, and you can also check out Chinatown. Yosemite National Park is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Central Eastern California. This park is well loved for its stunning granite cliffs, giant Sequoia groves, beautiful waterfalls, and diverse animal and plant life. Last but not least, California boasts the second biggest city in the USA. Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels. In Los Angeles, there is many things you can do. Some of the best amusement parks are located there, Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. Tourists can look for celebrity homes or shop at designer stores in Beverly Hills. Also with with a football, basketball, and baseball team, the possibilities are endless with what you can do in LA!

Summer is full of traveling and fun where do you plan on going?

Featured Image: by Snapwire [public domain] via Pexels

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