A Star Wars Every Year?

By Bryson Clark 

With Rouge One‘s successful release towards the end of 2016, and now the released trailer of The Last Jedi, fans are excited for the future of the Star Wars franchise.

It was rumoured that around the time of the Force Awakens that Disney planned to make a Star Wars movie every year until they stop making a profit. Most were skeptical with this idea thinking that the story would keep going with the Jedi and Sith fighting until the end of time, but Rouge One fans are thinking that it won’t just be about the war. It’ll be about Boba Fett sometimes, Darth Vader, or what Han Solo was up to before he joined the rebellion.

Before Disney had Star Wars, there were multiple stories outside the movies but you had to research and read the books to find them. Disney threw all of that out the window and is creating it’s own stories inside the movies instead of making books upon books with more books.

Why so many movies? Wouldn’t it get old? Nowadays, TV is the biggest form of entertainment in the world with so many options and long running programs to keep you entertained for an extensive while. Well why not do the same with movies? Why not make a series, but rather than thirty-minute or hour long episodes, make a two hour and 30 minute long episode!

The way we binge watch shows is transforming not just television and streaming services but it’s changing the movie industry. Look at how Marvel could have made just three Avengers movies and it would be over. They would have been rushed and sloppy, and now it’s one of the most successful franchises out there. Disney’s plan for Star Wars is the same: to make a universe that has endless stories and in a galaxy far far away, there’s no telling how many possible stories they could create.

Featured Image: By aldobarquin [public domain] via Pixabay

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