Going But Not Gone: Class of 2017

By Lance Post


Lance Post, Senior

After twelve to fourteen years of schooling, it is all coming to an end for Weld Central seniors. Staying up late at night, doing homework, stressing over our finals and important tests will soon all be over. In short, the moment to walk across that stage and grab the long awaited diplomas is within reach.

Seniors have anticipated this moment for so long, and it can be hard to look beyond it. After that moment we have college, traveling, and work to look forward to. Students will get to explore more of what life has to offer. After high school, some students will go immediately into college or the workforce, some will take a year or so off, and still others will travel, and see the world they are now becoming a part of.


Michael Gnadt, Senior

But that moment has not come yet. Until the last day, seniors have to stay focused with their classes and pass finals. Not being able to see students graduate because they are tempted to slack off for the last two weeks of school is devastating, and can hopefully be avoided this year.  

But how do seniors look back on these past 4 years of their life as it is coming to a close? According to 30 surveyed seniors, it was hit or miss. 46% of them said the experience was great, while others did not enjoy it as much. Going into graduation, hopefully students will be able to take the bad with the good, and remember their best experiences at Weld Central.

Photographer: Gage Hesse and Keith Yorgensen


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