What No One Knows About Lisa Neuberger

By Lizbeth Sanchez

After “10 or 11 years” of being in college, Lisa Neuberger’s first teaching job was in Kim, Colorado where 42 students made up the entire school. After she taught in Arizona and Loveland, Neuberger found a school that was only an hour away from her home; Weld Central High School, the chosen one for Neuberger’s career as a teacher.

Today, Neuberger is teaching an online class. Here at Weld Central though, she has taught Math, History, English, and Science. She’s spent 12 years here, and even taught Missy Jones gymnastics when the high school was still housed in the modern-day middle school.

Neuberger hasn’t only been a teacher,  but has also written a book about poetry fiction. There is a copy of it in the school library, called What Words Feel Like. Neuberger has a Bachelor’s in English literature, 2 years of College Math and 2 years of Pre-Med. Neuberger could even teach P.E. with her qualifications. However, being an online teacher means she can use all her skills and help her students. Not only that, but she can help anyone that needs it. Students of hers have said that she has helped them succeed with not only in her class but in others where they seek help.

Her students have said, “she’s the nicest lady out there. She’s helped a lot.”  Another student said, “She’s really dedicated to helping her students and seeing them thrive.” All in all, she is happy to help anyone with a smile on her face.



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