Spring Break Hot Spots

By Alondra Villegas

During Spring Break, students traveled to many other places around the country. Some students even traveled outside of the of the country.

In Colorado, the weather wasn’t really Spring Break friendly, it was cold and snowing: so many students decided to go to the mountains to go skiing and to go stay in cabins. Alli Daniel, a junior, vacationed in Grand Junction. “It was super nice but it was snowing in Vail,” she admitted. She was in Grand Junction visiting family but she also had time to walk around Glenwood Springs.

 However, some people did go to warmer locations; that including Texas and California. Spring Break allows students time to relax and  have fun with friends. Students also used Spring Break to visit colleges to work on their educational career.

For the students that went out of the country, they went to Mexico to visit family and to have parties there. Brian Chavez, a senior, vacationed in Chihuahua, Mexico. “My favorite part was getting to ride horses around town,” he said.

Spring break is a nice way for the students to take a break from winter and the slow school days.

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Photographers: Brittany Feather (featured image), Brian A Chavez Armendariz, and Alexander Hall

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