“We Care” Festivities a Delight

By: Bryson Clark and Krys Manchette

The annual tradition of the Faculty Follies happened April 7th, which is always the talk of the town. The Follies are based around We Care, an organization that is dedicated to the RE3J school district and for families affected by an incident. It was created about eight years ago to help a student’s family with medical bills after the student was involved in an accident that left her paralyzed. Today, We Care is a thriving organization that hosts the Follies and the Seniors vs. Teachers Basketball game every year.

After the dynamic duo of Mr. Levine and Mr. Vaughn was split (Vaughn transferred to teach at Legacy High School) there was a need to fill the position. A new duo was created when Mr. Hall stepped in to continue the constant humor and quick one-liner jokes for this year’s Follies. Not only accompanied by Levine in a beautiful dress singing, “My Heart Will Go On” clearly out of key, but was able to pull off the part of LL Cool J in the Lip Sync Battle between Hudson Elementary and Hoff Elementary. Whenever Levine and Hall weren’t on stage, they were always backstage giggling at the next act they were to put on and perfecting the next segment.

“I’m so glad I could watch the Follies, this is what I would love to imagine what the teachers do in their free time,” a former Weld Central student laughed.


(Left to Right): Sarah Thompson, Mr. Levine, Mr. Hall, Krys Manchette, and Bret Johnson

To everyone’s amazement, a video of Hall and Levine played as they either played misbehaving students, or the teachers punishing those kids. With immense humor tearing through the crowd, the thoughts of Levine sitting on a seat of “reinforcers” or better known as thumbtacks, and Hall listening to every genre of music at once will be a reminder on why the Follies are so great.

It all wasn’t fun and games though, there was a collection of segments that involved Mrs. Mesbergen and Mrs. Devoe entrancing the audience with beautiful pieces on the piano such as America the Beautiful. Mrs. Mesbergen was able to play her piece from memory, which was a stunning act to the audience.

The Faculty Follies are a time where everyone comes together to support a good cause, and also watch teachers make a fool of themselves on stage. The dynamic duo of Levine and Hall is sure to make a lasting impression on years to come.


Photographer: Krys Manchette

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