Testing Out a New MAP For Learning

By: Heather Tweedy

There are many tests for students in high school. One of these many examples is now MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing. MAP testing is a test designed to test the taker’s high school competency. This test was bought by a specific company (NWEA-Northwest Evaluation Association). MAP testing helps our school see where your skills are at, whether it be math, reading, or literature.

It can be difficult to do well on these tests, and receive high scores. The test itself may seem both boring and intimidating all at the same time. But, if you take your time, it’s not so bad.

There are many ways MAP testing can benefit us. It helps with goal settings, reliable data, professionalism, student achievement. A few of important tasks from these are student achievement and goal settings. These skills are important for educators to look at, as well as students, as they plan their future after school.

“Teachers get information about student’s abilities so they can plan quality instruction for all their students” says Mr. Schleicher. It looks like it’s not only for goal settings, but it’s also for teachers to get a concept of how to teach their students in a better way. These scores can help teachers develop their lessons so that they are effective for all students to learn. MAP helps teachers to understand their students, both with one another and individually to target areas of learning. This especially includes the Math and English curricula.

So remember while you’re testing, that it might be a pain, but it really is meant to improve our school.

Featured Image: By timlewisnm [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr (lightened)

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