The Great Gatsby

By Alondra Escobar

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was performed March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th by the Drama Club. The club had started working on the play before winter break. The hard work of the tech and the actors made the play possible.


Kayla Gerkin

Sarah Rhodebeck and Kayla Gerkin are both alumni of Weld Central, and came back to teach and to be part of the Drama Club. When asked how she (Mrs. Rhodebeck) felt about how the last few practices went she stated, “Really well, we had a great run through and they had their lines memorized for weeks!” She also said, “Everybody is doing what they are supposed to do and stepping up and helping out the other departments.”Her main concern with the production was the part where Gatsby becomes drenched from “the rain”. The club went all out, decorating the lobby and serving food to the audience during Intermission.

A junior that was an extra said that, “It’s going really good that everyone knows their positions and lines.” When asked about the department that she works in, she said that the hair and makeup are coming along really well and that they tried to make it as close as the time era as possible. The junior, asked if she is ready for the play, replied, “Yes, I can’t wait for them (the audience) to come so they can leave.”

The students have been going to the practices that start at 3:30 until 5:30 but when it’s closer to the productions of the play they have to stay later. They call the week before opening night Hell Week. The reason they call it hell week is because the practices are longer and they are on a strict time limit.  When hell week rolls around the students are putting the finishing touches to the play and they all have have dinner together in the green room.

The students in Drama Club love to build their current play from the ground up. A huge congratulations to the Drama Club for their performance of the Great Gatsby.       

Photographer: Keith Yorgensen

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