Boys Basketball vs Skyview

By Alondra Escobar 

The Rebel Boys basketball team played on 2/14/17 against Skyview. Of course, the team has worked hard and had an amazing season and great coaches. However those aren’t the only reasons that they are able to play so well. They are able to play so well is because they have the support from their parents.

Weld Central has a firm belief that they should show the parents they have a difference in the performance of the players. What the Rebels do is have their parents come to a game, typically one set aside to celebrate parents, and they give their parents a flower and thank them  for the help and support they’ve brought forth for the sport they are passionate about.

The Rebels were also giving a farewell to the Seniors that have played since day one. The Seniors all expressed how they felt about the Parent/Senior night and they all had different views about it. Sergio Gonzalez said, “It was good and that it was their last home game. I’ll miss playing.” Another one of the seniors had a bit more to say about the last home game: Enrique Millan stated, “It was very emotional the only thing running through my mind was sadness;” and that was because it was the last home game that they would play.

When asked about how he felt about his parents going to the game, he said, “I was very happy because my mom went and I gave her flowers and chocolate.” Gage Hesse said that, “ It was a good night.

The boys lost that game 63-68. Most of the seniors plan on going to college and getting a greater education, even if it doesn’t include playing college basketball. Though it was their last home game, it was an experience the seniors will remember as they live life.


Photographer: Brian A. Chavez Armendariz

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