Springing Into Spring Sports, A Bittersweet End To Athletics

By Enrique Millan

Hotdogs, seeds and dingers, it’s almost that time again! Baseball Season is coming up, and it is coming up fast. With baseball, girl’s soccer is also coming up on their season. Last but not least, a lot of running and jumping is coming soon with the start of track. The practices for all these sports began on February 27th. In that same first week, baseball had their first scrimmage on Saturday, March 4th. The girls soccer team also had their first scrimmage on Monday, March 6th.  



Daulton Wilkinson

Last year, the baseball team overall had a 12-7 record, with a 9-5 record in league. This year, they are striving to do a lot better. Senior Daulton Wilkinson commented, “ I’m excited, because we have a lot of young players on our team this year, and I get to help them learn the game and hope to make it further than last year.” Since it’s Daulton’s last year, he explains that this end is“Bittersweet, because I love high school baseball, and the brothers I’ve made through teammates. But at the same time, I’m excited to go to college to continue playing the game I love.”




Luz Mosqueda

For the girls soccer team last year, they ended with a 6-8-1 overall record, and went 3-4 in league. In 2017, they plan to do better and reach higher goals. Senior Luz Mosqueda explains on how she thinks the year will go, and says “ For this season, my goal is to have fun, because there are many new players that have a lot of potential, and hopefully we can win most of our games.” Also it being her last year, she says “Playing this season is a bittersweet feeling, because I love playing soccer, and [it’s hard] knowing I won’t be playing next year, or the year after.”


Track is also looking to send more people to state this year. The first track meet of the year is on Saturday March 11th.

This year was a pretty good year of sports for our Fall and Winter sports. Weld Central hopes to end on a great note this Spring!

Featured Image By: Karina Calderon

Photographer: Keith Yorgenson


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