Barnyard Days

By Mo Castaneda

Here at Weld Central, it’s no secret that we are an agricultural community. We love our lifestyle, and we surely love our animals. Every year a special day comes around, and that day is Barnyard Day! Even if you are not involved in the FFA program, you can appreciate the hard work of our farmers. On this day those in the FFA program are allowed to bring their own farm animals to school, but sadly they stay in the AG workshop. Watching the animals parade the school would be fun, but that might bring a couple of problems, including cleaning up after them. The animals presented on Barnyard Days range from chickens (which Junior Jasmin Balderas brought), all the way to alpacas (brought by Junior Camryn Dwyer).

The best part of it all is that interaction with the animals is welcomed. That means you pet all the chickens you can and become shocked with how soft chicken-750334_960_720the calves are. However, animals are not the only possessions that are brought on Barnyard Days; some FFA members bring tractors as well.

It is truly a wonderful sight and a very enjoyable experience. Junior student Alexsa Scofield, was satisfied with the whole event. She spoke, “It’s a great experience both for the kids and the high schoolers. It gives the kids a chance to learn and explore agriculture but it also lets the high schoolers express their passion and interest in agriculture. Overall it’s a great experience, plus it’s fun!”

Featured Image: ulleo [public domain] via Pixabay

Chicken by YvonneH [public domain] via Pixabay

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