Play For #5

By Alli Daniel

Izzy Leet, a junior here at Weld Central, passed away on December 23rd, 2016 in a car accident on State Highway 52. She loved the outdoors — hunting, dirt-biking, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. She was very involved in the community. Izzy was a football manager her sophomore and junior year, and played basketball and soccer. She was also involved in the Junior Auxiliary.  She was a daughter, sister, teammate, and a friend to countless people in this community. Izzy was my teammate, classmate, and friend. You would rarely see her without the smile she was most known for. I will always remember how much she loved to laugh.

Between endless hours of basketball practices and school, I got to know Izzy well over the past few years. She had a big heart, and a contagious laugh. She loved basketball so much, and her love and passion for the game pushes me to become a better player and all-around athlete.  

Izzy was a starter on the Weld Central basketball team, wearing Jersey #5. She was a leader on and off the court. Losing her had a tremendous impact on the team. The first game back from Christmas break was against Englewood. The court was filled with heavy hearts during the warm up, and Englewood held a moment of silence before the game started. The game was very emotional, but the Lady Rebels played for #5, and beat the Englewood Pirates by 2 points. They are currently 4-1 in leagues.

Izzy may not be here, but her presence is felt on and off the court. “She would always tell me to dribble with my left hand,“ remembers Mikayla Rupple, Izzy’s best friend and teammate. “Now every time I dribble the ball, I can hear her telling me ‘Go left.’ I have become more confident in my dribbling because of her pushing me to become a better player.” Head Coach James Canaday said, “We are playing with each other through her. It’s allowing us to play inspired basketball.”

The Lady Rebels basketball team has overcome so much. The team plays every game for her, and while each game provides a new set of challenges, they are determined to keep pushing. The past few weeks have been hard, without a doubt. But one thing is certain: Izzy will always be with us on and off the court.

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