Roses Are Red, Poems are Awesome

By Haylee Christner and Estefany Mendoza

img_6018Most high school students shrink away from the idea of creating poetry. However, for some students, it rings bells of delight. Poetry can be a wonderful way to express yourself along with your ideas. Here at Weld Central High School, we are holding a poem contest within our library associated with High Plains Library, thanks to Mrs. Amen, who works alongside with them. Upon having a wonderful interview with her, Mrs. Amen informed us that she takes the poems students create to the High Plains Library. She enjoys being a part of our daily lives by giving students encouragement by doing the little things, such as giving the opportunity to participate in the contest.

In order to enter the contest, you must write a poem about any topic of your choosing (something that’s appropriate, obviously.) Next, you turn you work into the brightly colored box that Mrs. Amen has on her desk in the library. On February 10th, the box will be delivered to the High Plains Library. Once they select a winner, that winner will receive an AMC gift card. Even though this is only the second year the contest has been going on, it’s an exciting opportunity that Mrs. Amen hopes to keep around, much like the Blue Spruce Contest. While many students have not taken this opportunity, with only about four or five high school students have submitted work so far, it is certainly an exciting possibility. Participants must be between the ages of 10 and 18 to enter. By that rule, even the middle school can participate as well! Hopefully with this article, more people will be encouraged to participate with the combined efforts of our middle and high schools, and a great poem will come of it.

Editor’s Note: Winners have been selected for this contest, but you are invited to participate next year!

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