Rumor Has It

By Alondra Escobar

Have you ever heard a rumor that makes no sense at all? Well, it’s a no brainer that high schools are breeding grounds for rumors.

People know that teenagers and children can be really mean towards each other regarding the social pyramid. Reasons that people start rumors are that they undoubtedly want to draw attention to themselves, or bring down someone else. While positive ones are also spread, negative rumors have more effect on any student body.

An interesting rumor that has been heard around Weld Central is that the auditorium is haunted. The reason that people think that the auditorium is haunted is that if you are alone or with a small group then you can hear strange noises either coming from the booth or from the catwalk.

People have witnessed some of these strange sounds and the eerie feelings that come from the dim lighting in the auditorium. Although this sounds like a negative rumor towards the school, you have to remember that most of the theaters have their share of rumors or ghost stories. The most iconic rumored story is in The Phantom of the Opera.  

editedHowever, there are times that there are some more serious rumors that can be harmful towards students. Some of the more immense rumors that can be caught in the halls are those of personal relationships and secrets that students might not want people knowing about. The way that the school handles theses types of rumors is by with using wifi blockers. That way the students can’t get onto certain apps. However, this doesn’t seem to work out because the students can use vpns (Virtual Private Networks) which allow them to go onto the blocked apps.

When someone hears a rumor about themselves, they can usually confront the person that is making the false allegations. Nevertheless, no matter how hard people try, there will always be rumors that you are unable to control in the breeding ground that people call school.   

Featured Image: By Unknown or not provided (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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