Traveling Through Music and Malibu

By Noah I. Bojorquez

Music is what you make it, and it’s always so wonderful to discover new kinds. For some people, it’s there to help you out when going through tough times. It’s there when you want to jam out, even break your neck to Metallica’s self-titled. However, Malibu doesn’t make you want to break your neck because it’s so good, it makes you want to relax and feel soulful. Anderson, Paak’s second studio album was released January 15, 2016. The album opener “The Bird,” begins quietly, with a soft guitar and drums that massages your eardrum. Then the music shifts into a vibrating beat and gentle vocals, telling metaphors about a sweet woman, self-reflection, and many other topics relating to his life. The second song called “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance,” which is about his thoughts while under the influence of drugs and a woman’s gaze. This song is very structured and well-paced. However, towards the end of the song, it speeds up as if you were flying. The next three songs titled “The Waters (Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)”, “The Season / Carry Me,” and “Put Me Thru,” are all stories about struggles of fame, growing up as a child and his own emotional pain. The sixth track on this album, “Am I Wrong (Feat. ScHoolboy Q),” is the highest point of the album and one of his best known tracks, with 14 million plays on Spotify alone. This track is so wonderful, so groovy and catchy for many. It is about appreciation for life, and never taking anything for granted. Q definitely expands this meaning with his unique voice and meaty lyrics. The rest of the album continues with .Paak’s views, feelings, and his life. Songs “Parking Lot”, “Water Fall (Interluuube)” and “Come Down” all appear as you travel down the album, which consists of 16 tracks all together.

Malibu is Anderson .Paak’s second studio album. His first studio album is called Venice, which was released in October 28, 2014.

On January 30, 2016, after the release of Malibu, Anderson .Paak posted a video of himself and the well-known producer Dr. Dre to his Twitter account. In the video, Dr. Dre announced that Anderson was a new signed member of his record label, Aftermath Entertainment. Other artist such as Eminem, The Game and 50 Cent are also on this record label. From being homeless with his wife and newborn child, to being signed by an honored man, Anderson Paak is one artist you should give a chance and open your ear to.

Featured Image: By The Come Up Show [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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