Knowledge Bowl: State Bound

By Alli Daniel

Weld Central’s Knowledge Bowl has had an extremely successful year so far.There are 16 members in Knowledge Bowl this year. Mr. Levine said that he is very impressed by the underclassmen this year. A majority of the members last year were seniors, so the younger teammates really had to step it up this year to compensate for the change.



Yoshi Lillie

“My favorite thing about Knowledge Bowl is the competitive yet completely welcoming atmosphere. We’re all aiming to to win and be in the top room, but we can all laugh with each other regardless of who comes out on top,” junior Yoshi Lillie explained. “There’s no judgment between you and your teammates, so if nobody has any idea of what the answer, we can all laugh at some throwaway answer! Oh and we made it to state this year so that’s super exciting!” Reese Clark, also a junior, said he’s been a part of Knowledge Bowl since freshman year. He joined because his friends recommended it.


Reese Clark

To make it to state, Weld Central had to be the top team at regionals for 3A. The Rebels have made it to state two years so far: last year and then again this year. Mr. Levine said that he will take everyone who is dedicated to compete at state. They are currently 3rd in league and 3rd overall in regionals. The state competition this year will be at CSU in Fort Collins March 13th and 14th. Congratulations to Mr. Levine and the entire Knowledge Bowl team on all their success this year and for making it to state and good luck to all members!

Featured Image: By geralt [public domain] via Pixabay

Photographer: Gage Hesse and Rodrigo Alvarado

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