What Grinds My Tractor: Lies

By Robert Dennis

You know what really grinds my tractor? When people lie and change their story, then admit to the wrong things they have done. Recently more than, ever I’ve been catching on to the lies of those around me, and it has really been grinding my tractor.

Lately I’ve watched someone look me in the eyes and tell me to trust them, and later find out my trust was betrayed. This has been something that has gotten under my skin, and really gotten to me. Something I have noticed more so lately is that people compulsively lie to cover up the truth, and will do anything they can to get away with it. They change their stories, or just add more lies to the pile. Either way, it’s something that shouldn’t be done. Truth is something that people need to learn to come forth with, instead of avoiding. When it all unravels one way or another, it’s significantly worse than if the truth came out from the start. This is what grinds my tractor.

Featured Image: By Tama66 [public domain] via Pixabay

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