Going The Distance

By Lance Post

           February 14 should be one of the happiest time of a relationship, besides anniversaries, of course. Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, and the time has come to get your loved one some candy ,chocolate, or something of that sort. There are some amazing and adorable couples. But there are also some that face distance. The loved one may be homeschooled, and can’t see him/her every day, or they may be in another state, or even a different country! The point is, some couples can’t be there to give their Valentine gifts, and it’s hard to do long distance. Not everyone can do long distance — they like to see their loved ones every day at school, or during the weekends. It is nice to see them in person, talk to them in person, hug them, hold them, touch them, and love them.  Those who can’t see their loved one every day or on the weekends can Snapchat, Facetime, Skype, or Facebook Video call to see them, but it’s not really the same. You can see them and make them smile and talk to them about their day (or night depending on where they live) as if they were in person. You can do everything you can do to make it the same, but you still can’t see them in person or hug them as hard as you want to. Long distance hard, and not for everyone. I have 2 friends that are great examples of that.

I have a friend that dated a girl for a few months, skyped her every night and sent each other birthday gifts, and were a cute couple. One week in the summer, she came down to spend an entire week with him, so they can see each other for the very first time. They were extremely happy to finally see each other in person after months of dating. In fact, they hardly left each other’s side until he had to go to the fire station for four days for a shift. However, a few weeks later, when she went back to California, they eventually broke up because they couldn’t deal with not seeing each other, and they fought a lot. Distance is hard!

But meanwhile, another one of my friends has been dating a guy for two or three years now. They dated for an entire year before she could see him. Her and part of her family went down to meet him, and she was ecstatic. She was so happy to see him, and like my other friend they didn’t leave each other’s side. They had that one day with him and she knew that he was the one. A year goes by after she graduates high school. She took a plane ride down to him and spent seven months with him before moving back home. She is happy, and would do anything for him. For them, distance was manageable! It worked for her and she is happy.

Can you talk to someone for months or even years before you get to see them? Or are you a person that has to lay eyes on their smile across the room and know he/she’s the one? This Valentine’s Day, take time to think about your relationships, and figure out what works for you.

Featured Image:

By m01229 from USA (Valentine’s day m&ms in the shape of a heart) [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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