A Look Back The Flourishing Past of Weld Central

By Heather Tweedy

Many students haven’t thought much about the history of their school. It’s most likely looked over most of the time. However, when you do find out about your school, there are interesting facts to be found. Here is the flourishing past of Weld Central High School.

Our nearby town of Keenesburg has a strong agricultural background. There was “a railroad alongside Keenesburg was to pick up livestock”. The railway was somewhat expansive, running “to CB&Q to Prospect Valley to pick up livestock, approximately down road 63 ½.” according to Keenesburg Area Chamber of Commerce. “The railroad depot was built in 1906.” This depot began the town, as the first building.

This school building was built in the year 2005, but the original school was founded much earlier. Hudson, Prospect Valley, and Keenesburg each had a high school, and came together to one central location to make one combined school (hence Weld Central.) However, our current school building is still new, and you can tell by the condition of it.

img_13301editedLast year, a student named Kera Davis-Manchette was asked to create a patriotic mural in the 100 hall, to highlight the donated Freedom Shrine from . She “was tabbed to create the backdrop for a Freedom Shrine, a space in many local buildings that’s home to copies of historical documents”, according to The Tribune’s Tyler Silvy. This is an important part of the Weld Central High School legacy, bringing in a new feature to our school.  Jerry Shea and Lynn Wentzel actively participated in this event, with the help of our own Mrs. Paula Amen. Generous actions and changes such as this shrine have built our school, and made it what it is today.

WCHS used to be much smaller. At one point, WCMS housed both the junior high and high schools. This became somewhat of a tight space for academics and athletics, causing the move. With our wonderful new building, we have more room to do great things. Improvement here really helped out a lot of students. Looking back at the history, so much has changed into something better, and we have even better things to come.

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