What Grinds My Tractor: Urgency And Hypocrisy

By Robert Dennis

You know what really grinds my tractor? When people have no sense of urgency. I hate the fact that some people think that only the things they need for them it has urgency. It’s something that happens more often than not, and needs to be stopped.

It is very rude and unpleasant to help someone with something, you bust your butt to help them, then when you ask for the favor in return, they either always make excuses or act like everything is on there time, and needs to be worked around them. People these days have no concern for others, and no sense of urgency for anything but something that is theirs. Like for instance, when your friend calls you and asks you for your help on something, you go out of your way to help them. You guys crank it out and get it done ASAP, but when you ask them for the same kind of favor, they “help you”. What I mean by that is, its only done efficiently fast or with care when they feel like it. It’s something we all see day to day with friends and family alike. This is what grinds my tractor.

Featured Image:

By jackmac34 [Public Domain] via Pixabay

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