Is Virtuality Becoming a Reality?

By Bryson Clark

With innovations like the Samsung Gear VR and the HTC VIVE, the idea of putting yourself in a virtual world is becoming reality. At first, the idea of VR was something that you’d see in arcades, with the the huge crane holding the massive helmet that you pulled down over your head. Now, however, now it’s something entirely different. Now, virtual reality has moved out of the arcade and into your home.

In the past two years, the excitement for the virtual reality has grown with the advancement developers have made. The first heavy hitter in the VR race, Oculus Rift, has been around for a long time. In the gaming community, there is a well known company who has been hyping up the VR world for a few years now. Though Youtubers have been using them to make videos, the Oculus Rift wasn’t actually released to the public until March of 2016. Oculus is working with many different companies to make the virtual world bigger and easier for people to get to. With Microsoft and Samsung working on making Oculus huge, there’s still a competitor who is getting just has far by themselves.

The HTC VIVE not only is it a virtual reality headset, but it also comes with a controller to immerse yourself even more with hand control.


John Otero, senior, tries to contain his terror while playing a horror VR game.

The ability for someone to be able to physically pick something up in the virtual world is amazing, but that is not the only development. The VIVE also comes with scanners that you put in corners of the room to make the aeration of the game, or VR experience, that the consumer wants to use. VR has grown a lot. The only thing holding it back now is the computer power someone would need to use it!

Most of the games and experiences in VR are impressive works of creative and brilliant people. Sadly, a customer who buys a headset won’t be able to run the programs unless they have a pretty hefty computer. Most computers that you need to be able to run the programs are over 500 dollars. Companies like Razor are working on a PC made just for VR. Even though the path to the virtual world is blocked by obstacles, there’s some promise that will advance it even further.

It may not to be easy to use VR now, but in the next few years the availability will be insane. With the Playstation VR program out and still getting more games, and the Gear VR allowing any Samsung smartphone user to use their phone to do what an Oculus can, there are options, albeit pretty narrow ones. In the next few years, Xbox plans to bring VR to their console with games like Fallout 4 being turned into a complete VR experience. Oculus is working on their own hand controls in the shape of gloves that not only allow you to use your hand, but allow you to pick up a virtual object and make your hand feel like it’s actually holding it. Virtual reality seemed impossible in 2009 but now virtual reality is becoming a reality, and the new reality of modern technology.

Featured Image: By HammerandTusk [Public Domain] via Pixabay

Photographer: Alexander Hall

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