Music and Merriment: WC’s Winter Concert

By Enrique Millan

Weld Central High School proudly presented the 2016 Winter Concert on the evening of December 15, 2016. The concert performers included Bel Canto, Impressions, Very Necessary, and the WCHS Concert Band, along with a combined ensemble. Mrs. Flaharty, the director of the concert and Weld’s music program, explained that the reason this concert and many of its pieces were being presented because she and her husband recently took a trip to Ireland. While she was there, she heard many different styles of Irish and Scottish music. Being inspired by it, she decided to use her experience through her teachings as a music teacher to share the beauty of this music with her home community.



The start of the concert was Bel Canto. Songs performed were “Shenandoah” by Jay Althouse, “Loch Lomond” by Bodil Wellendorf, “Danny Boy” by Mark Patterson and “River Song” by Roger Emerson. Impressions was the next group to take the stage, performing “The Parting Glass” by Gala Flagello. A short intermission was given, and then Very Necessary performed “The Funky Turtle” by John Morris. Finally came the Concert Band, performing two celtic folksongs of unknown title by Paul Lavender, “Bacon and Eggs” and “Time Travel,” both by Cassidy Byars, “Shipping Up to Boston” by Paul Murtha and Will Rapp, as well as “Under an Irish Sky” by Larry Neeck. During these performances, Mrs. Flaharty brought out an amazing drumline to add another level of depth to the song. However, what would a holiday concert be without Christmas music?



Coming all together, the entire music program performed “Holiday Favorites” by Paul Lavender, giving out Christmas vibes throughout the room and finishing the concert.

A very outstanding performance was given by each and every individual. Bailey Elora felt like the concert went really well, she was asked to reflect on it, and said it was one of the best performances they have done in a few years. However, she was super nervous and kind of freaked out about going on stage. Another performer, Adrian Maltos, reflected on the concert saying that he thought it went well, even though everyone was very nervous because some of the music was really hard. However, it was an amazing experience for him as a performer, and for each attendee who listened to the wonderful music.


End of Concert


Drum Roll Line








Photographer: Enrique Millan

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