High Schoolers Evaluate College: Is It For You?

By Lance Post

College is a topic that every high school student must face. College is an opportunity, some people choose to take it, others take another path. Yet a third group chooses to take these classes in high school, through Weld’s concurrent enrollment program. When interviewed, 80% of these students said taking a college class is stressful. However, every single one of them said that the stress is worth taking, to get a head start on their future.

When taking college classes, whether at university or here, be prepared to learn balance along with your major. You will encounter deadlines, books, time-management issues, large amounts of work and balancing of classes, family, friends, extracurricular activities and sports. Not only that, but you are also working, taking care of yourself, and learning how to be an adult after 18 years of help.

Teachers always remind you about homework during high school. However, in college it’s your responsibility to remind yourself about the work you need to complete. Motivation is a struggle some students deal with, hand in hand with procrastination. Fun now comes with a price — a killer all-nighter to finish your assignment later.

However, you also need to remember the end goal. Just as our Concurrent students have discovered, the work is hard, but the goal is worth it. Knowing that, is college for you?

Photographer: Karina Calderon

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