Planning Our Future

By Alli Daniel

This past month has been very busy, with the election season and results. This election was important not only because of the presidential election —  Weld County also had a lot riding on the ballot. The two main school-associated issues on the ballot were the Bond Measure 3F and the Mill Levy Override Measure 3G.

lochbuieThe Bond Measure 3F is a bond that will provide full-day kindergarten, and update the plumbing, lighting, heating, and roofs in our district. It will also provide Lochbuie with a new elementary school, and Keenesburg with a new transportation building. According to the Greeley Tribune, this will cost homeowners about $47.28 per year for each $200,000 of a home’s value. Despite the cost, this bond will be extremely beneficial for our school district.

The Mill Levy Override Measure (MLO) 3G is a plan to increase teachers salaries, update technology and provide new textbooks. This override would also provide funding for building maintenance while helping to decrease class sizes and create a full-day kindergarten. The possibility of Hudson Academy closing was also an issue this election, if they were not granted the funds to remain open. According to the Greeley Tribune, this measure will cost homeowners $48.52 per year for each $200,000 of a home’s value. This override would provide benefits for schools and students, as well as the teachers.

So now that the election is over, we need to know what to expect, because both the bond and the MLO have been passed. The bond will focus on overcrowding and safety and security. It will provide the funding for maintenance repairs for our school buildings and grounds. We will get a new transportation building and Lochbuie will have a new elementary school built.

The MLO will focus on teacher salaries and technology. We will have the funds to get new textbooks and have updated technology. All-day kindergarten will be available, and there will be funds to replace outdated and broken down busses. Also, both the middle school and high school will have their tracks replaced.

hudsonBoth the bond and MLO will focus on education and the maintenance of our facilities. All of these changes have specific timelines, but everything is predicted to be updated and done between October-December of 2018. For everything to happen on schedule, staff, students, parents, and members of the community must work together. Hudson Academy will undergo some renovation beginning around December 2016/January 2017, and is expected to be completed by July/August 2018. This renovation will be very important, but some challenges come with it. For example, construction will have to be going on while children are in school. The students will not have to go to a separate location, but can stay during certain construction stages. The construction crews will have to work close to students and staff. Due to unpredictable bumps in the road, it could take them a little longer to finish these renovations than they originally expected, but hopefully there will be few issues.

Throughout all this change, parents will be updated on what is happening, and what their tax money is going to. All this change, however positive, can be extremely frustrating. By keeping the public informed, this constant information and communication will be key to keeping things running smoothly. Thank you to everyone who made/will make these changes possible!


Photos: Shalon Patton

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