Peer Pressure

By Mo Castaneda

Peer pressure can get you into some sticky situations. At Weld Central High School, I took the liberty of surveying some of the student body about the issue of peer pressure. It is fair to say that around 95% of students have felt peer pressure, and 80% of students have bit into peer pressure. This might sound a bit frightening, that there is such an influence on students by others. However, peer pressure is not always a negative force.

In Weld Central High School, students are pressuring each other to do more bad than good. It is sad to say, but unfortunately, students feel that they are more obligated to take part in a bad deed over a good deed when peer pressured. There is no concrete reasoning behind this, for students could not explain why they felt this particular way. A student is quoted saying, “it’s just human nature I guess. I can’t really tell you why because I don’t know why.”

Another student explained, “I feel like if I don’t do what people tell me, they won’t like me or they might think I’m uptight.” The theme of the student responses was the urge to not be thought of as less for not participating. I can concur that is not the case.

I want the student body of Weld Central to understand that “being cool” shouldn’t be your main priority in high school. If in a situation where you are being pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with, just say no. If it makes you “uncool,” then so be it! Being “cool” in high school isn’t going to actually get you anywhere in the real world. You can’t write  “I was cool in high school” as an accomplishment on a college or job application. Peer pressure can be overwhelming, but you can’t let people negatively influence you, or it will get you into some sticky situations. There are consequences to all actions — remember that next time you’re being pressured into doing anything you should not be.    

Featured Image – By: Savid [Public Domain] via Pixabay

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