What Grinds My Tractor: On What Grinds Your Tractor

By Robert Dennis

You know what Grinds my Tractor? When your life falls apart. There are a lot of people in this school, or in this community, who watch their lives disintegrate turn upside down. From losing a family member to their guardian losing a job, life hits you at the worst times. Personally, I’ve had a lot of these and worse things happen to me throughout my life.

Now what I have to tell you next is what matters: Life is going to be full of hardships, battles, and exactly what you don’t want happening happening, but you have to push on and fight. Find strength in yourself to carry on. Find positives in the negatives to build yourself up. Most bad things aren’t entirely bad, because they teach you lessons. Some of those hardships may be harder than others, but life is full of them, and we all must learn to fight through them at some point. Fight on, push through it! Without the bad times in life, we wouldn’t know how to truly appreciate the good times. So, whatever you do, don’t let life grind your tractor.


Featured Image:

By Snowmanradio (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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