Crafting a Festival

By Enrique Millan

458editedFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA) ran their first Craft Art Festival on November 18th and 19th at the Fairgrounds in Keenesburg. For the past several years, it was run by Community United Methodist Church. As FBLA took over the event, they invited Art Club to join them in organizing the activity. Art Club sold pottery and crafts for the community, while others sold ornaments, beanies, wooden objects, knitted socks, and much more! With this great art, there was also great food to be bought with the fantastic objects, such as pizza, donuts, and variety of drinks.

Art club members Karina Calderon and Lesli Calderon said the event was a wonderful ime for everybody as well as for the Art Club. They explained, “It is going well, we have some buyers [of our crafts].” Noelia Espino stated, “I enjoyed spending time with everyone from Art Club. They’re my favorite people!” Lissabel Davila, the Art Club sponsor, viewed the experience with a positive outlook.

456editedFBLA member Acxel Melendez talked about how it was positive first experience, and how he looks forward to continuing the experience next year. Marissa Rigoli believed the Craft Art Festival was “really fun, and all the venders are nice.”

Future Business Leaders of America is an organization that helps students prepare for careers in business. The goal is to bring business in a positive working relationship through leadership. The Craft Art Festival is just one way FBLA showed these abilities and hope to continue events such as this Festival in the future.

Photographer: Gage Hesse

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  1. Great article Enrique!!


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