Starbucks Overrated

By Krys Manchette

An American corporation that started as a small shop in Seattle selling cups of coffee in 1971 has turned into a major chain corporation, and a necessity for the daily lives of millions of Americans. Starbucks has grown since its humble beginnings, expanding their menu to include pastries, and drinks of almost any flavor imaginable. Now selling close to 4 billion drinks a year, the question begins to rise, is Starbucks overrated?

While many people drink it everyday, others say that it’s not overrated, only being a national coffee shop. It’s no different from McDonalds or Burger King, they’re large corporate chains, so why is Starbucks being called out as overrated?

Many coffee fans have stuck with Starbucks through the years, through discontinued products such as the Blueberries and Creme Frappuccino, or the Chantico Drinking Chocolate, which was described to taste like molten chocolate topped with cinnamon. Consumers that loved these products tended to stay with the company while new drinks were being created and marketed in place of those discontinued.

With Starbucks influencing many people to keep coming back to the sweet and seemingly addicting drinks, professional football star Marshawn Lynch created a drink to help raise money for the Fam 1st Foundation, with donations of $0.24 per drink sold. The drink, consisting of a double mocha frappuccino, two-scoops of protein powder, a hint of mint syrup, and topped with matcha and a purple berry drizzle. Seemingly disgusting, it’s only sold two months out of the year in Seattle and Oakland, and is sought after every year.

No matter how disgusting a drink can be, Starbucks still reels in consumers day after day to spend money for a cup you can make yourself at home, saving money. Maybe it’s because of the siren on the logo, drawing coffee enthusiasts to try the new 23 flavors of Halloween and Christmas, coming together to create the new Pumpkin Peppermint Iced Mocha Frappumacchiatto. Whatever it is, the Starbucks craze won’t be stopping any time soon!image1

Photo by Brittany Feather

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