Are You Still Catching Them All?

By Bryson Clark

There is no denying that the Pokémon Franchise has been a huge deal this year, with the launch of Pokémon GO and the upcoming addition of Pokémon Sun and Moon. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that this also the 20th anniversary of the franchise. To celebrate their success, Game Freak and many other people involved with the name “Pokémon” have been hard at work creating exciting new ideas.

As almost everyone has heard, Pokémon GO launched this past summer with a big bang. The app was so popular at launch that people had to wait their turn to play it because the servers were unable to handle the huge traffic numbers.

The game not only madepokemon-1581774_960_720.jpg the fans who grew up with Pokémon go nuts, but also attracted brand new fans. Even now Pokémon GO is still growing, and more special features promised soon.

Not everyone who played Pokémon GO is  that excited about the franchise’s 20th  year, but the long time fans are going crazy for it and its coming developments. Pokémon Sun and Moon comes to the Nintendo 3DS system on November 18th and the hype is building. Right now, the demo is out, and reviewers are saying it’s the best looking Pokémon game so far. But the game doesn’t just look good. It is basically fan made, with new additions fans have been clamoring for since the first game. From riding Pokémon to taking pictures of them as challenges, this game is the biggest addition so far.

Even though the new game has so much to offer, fans will never forget the first time the game asked them if they’d like to nickname their first Pokémon. For many fans, their first game was Pokémon Red and Blue on the Gameboy Color. For others, it was Pokémon Sapphire on the Gameboy Advance.

Thank you Game Freak for making our childhoods wonderful with the magical world of Pokémon, and for making your older fans still feel that childhood wonder that they miss in their daily lives.

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