What Grinds My Tractor: Election Response

By Robert Dennis

You wanna know what grinds my tractor? The same people that claim Trump is racist, that he is radical, harsh, rude, and mean are all over social media, making racist comments and being very rude to those who support Donald Trump. But it doesn’t stop there. Along with these comments, there are many videos of people using very segregate, racist ideals to make jokes towards Donald Trump’s impending presidency. I’ve seen examples of African Americans going out to pick in cotton fields, Mexicans picking corn and grapes and many others, saying it’s going to go back to that same fate under his term.

This is asinine, and incredibly hypocritical to do the same things that you are accusing Donald Trump of doing and being. Yes, Trump has been out of line at times with his words and actions, but to do the same thing back to him, while persecuting those who support him is hypocritical. We as a country need to realize that you can’t say something is bad, then proceed do it yourself, and think it is okay. This is what grinds my tractor.

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