Luke Cage: the Bulletproof Hero

By Bryson Clark

Daredevil, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage: Marvel’s Netflix shows are skyrocketing to success. After his first appearance in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage became a beloved character to fans, and they wanted to see more. The first season of Luke Cage was released on Netflix on the 30th of September.

Luke Cage isn’t like most heroes: he can’t fly, he can’t swing from webs, and he can’t run at extreme speeds. Luke’s power is his indestructible cells, that make him so strong he can’t get hurt.They call him Harlem’s bulletproof hero for a reason!

The show takes place in Harlem, New York, in a small community filled with violence and crime. The safest place in Harlem is a small barbershop owned by one of the main characters, Pop. Luke starts off working for Pop to get rent money. While Pop is now thought of as a father figure to the community (hence the nickname), he used to be in a gang, and pop was the sound his fist made when he punched someone. Pop might have had rough past, but now, owning a barbershop, he is against crime and even cursing (fighting the latter with a swear jar in the shop) While Pop is one of many interesting characters on the show, Luke Cage himself makes it great.

Imagine you had indestructible skin — what would you do? Whatever you wanted? Well Luke Cage didn’t think like that. The guy can survive bullets, a rocket launcher, and even a building falling on him without a scratch, but instead of turning to evil, Cage chooses to use his powers to do right for others. He views his power as a gift given to others, rather than himself, and he is the tool to defend them from anything. Luke is firm in this belief, and shows that determination when he taking down a crime boss that has control of Harlem.

Luke Cage brings a new definition to the word hero in this smash Marvel hit. This show is amazing, and will not disappoint!

Have you seen Luke Cage? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

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