A New State of Mind

By Bryan Gudka and Marc Barry 

The Lady Rebels softball Team Traveled down to Aurora Sports Complex to take on their first opponent in the State Tournament: The Academy.

The Lady Rebels came into the game with 9-3 standings, ranked 11th in the state. The Academy, on the other hand, came to the contest with a winning 5-0 record, putting them 6th in the state in the 16 team bracket.

The Rebels came onto the field with energy, leading the game 4-1 going into the fifth inning, but then tragedy struck, and the girls lost their rhythm. The Academy capitalized on it, scoring 8 runs in the last 2 innings.

Pitcher Bella Dreher pitched the entire game, as well as most of the regular season, pitching 93 1/3 innings, making hesoftball-340491_960_720.jpgr 12-6 on the season.After the game she said, “the game went really well, but we choked up at the end.”  Because of this, The Academy would go on to win the game, with a final score of 9-4. The Rebels were heart broken, but were reassured with love and positive attitudes after the game.

Despite the loss, the Lady Rebels are ready for next season, determined that they will go farther into the championship until they take home the big win.

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