By Alli Daniel and Mo Castaneda

clown-creepy-grinning-facepaint-39242.jpegFor the last couple of months, clowns have been a popular topic in the news. But nothing about this clown craze is happy. Reports are coming in from all over the country. “Killer” clowns have been spotted along roads and forests at night, with bats and sometimes even guns. These clowns have been making threats, going so far as to cause school closures. According to USA Today, there have been numerous reports of clowns luring children into forests in North Carolina. These clown sightings have caused parents and children to be on edge this Halloween, keeping closer to home. These reports have calmed down a little, but with Halloween right around the corner, we may never know if the clown craze will make a comeback.


Man in Clown Costume” By Desertrose7 [Public Domain] via Pixabay

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